Prenplants Update – January 2019

Don’t you just hate looking at a web page and seeing that it is out of date.  Imagine how I felt when I saw that we hadn’t updated our blog for 2 years!!  Well, thats going to change!! I have decided that this year we are going to start at the beginning and finish at the end – a year in the life of Prenplants!

It all starts with seed sowing and potting.  We will sow seeds all year round as many varieties enjoy a cold snap (well they are definitely getting one this year!) to enable them to germinate.  Its amazing looking in the propagation tunnel at what seeds have already germinated.  We are busy potting a lot of bare root stock ready for sales later this year.  The big news is that next week we are getting a delivery of the Taupe coloured pot.  This new pots are made from carbon black pigment free polypropylene which can be recycled through your local kerbside recycling scheme.  We are changing all our 1 & 2 litre production into these pots.

Looking good at the moment on the nursery are our 1L bulb range.  This range has grown over the last few years as the popularity has increased.  From good old Narcissus and Tulips to Anemones and Bluebells they are all selling fast.

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