Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

Perennials poly tunnel

At Prenplants we are aware that our actions have the potential for high impact on the environment and as such we are careful to limit that impact as much as possible through good practice and management of our resources. Read on for more information about how we manage our environmental impact:

100% Peat Free Compost

All of our plants are grown in renewable, peat free compost that is eco-friendly, helping to protect natural peat bogs and their eco-systems. Our fertiliser used in the compost mix is slow-release, preventing excessive nutrient leaching.


Our pots are 100%recycled Taupe pots and manufactured in the UK, all our old pots are returned to the factory for recycling into new pots. All our plants labels are fully recylable, they can be put in your kerbside recycling.

We are keen to re-use materials such as wood and paper. We deliver our plants in corex trays; these too are re-usable and we encourage customers to return them to us in good condition for us to reuse.


Chemical use is kept to a minimum, we are always looking for alternatives to keep any pests and diseases at bay. We currently make use of diverse biological controls in our Integrated Pest Management plan.

Water Usage

We are keen to be as efficient and effective as possible with our watering timetable, making sure water is conserved as much as possible.


All biodegradable waste is composted on site in a bid to further reduce our carbon footprint

Heated beds

The heated beds on the nursery are monitored when in-use and adjusted accordingly with both growing requirements and energy consumption in mind.

We also have a little help from our on-site pest control squad

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